Guest Artist

Warren Hill

Warren Hill who was first introduced to Bonsai in 1960 while living in the Los Angeles area of California. After this initial exposure Warren went on to study the rich Japanese culture that spawned this unique art form. In addition to his Asian studies, Warren majored in engineering and horticulture while attending college. Warren’s formal Bonsai studies and training has been with a wide variety of Japanese sensei, (teachers) which include such notables as John Yoshio Naka and Saburo Kato. In 1974 Warren began teaching and since then has conducted lectures, demonstrations and workshops for numerous State, National and International Bonsai Organizations. In 1996, the Federal Government, U.S.D.A., Agricultural Research Service selected Warren, to be the Supervisory Curator for the United States Bonsai and Penjing Museum at the U.S. National Arboretum, Washington, D.C. On September 30, 2001, Warren retired after serving as head of the Museum’s staffing and operations for five years. After leaving Federal service, Warren and his wife Sharon relocated to Sharon’s home state of Tennessee where he continued to teach at Tree-Haven, Warren Hill’s School of Bonsai located in Greeneville, Tennessee.

Mr. Hill has presented several demonstrations and workshops at Milwaukee Bonsai Society through the years.