Guest Artist

Mark Fields

Mark Fields has studied with more than 60 artists from around the world. He has worked with names such as Yuji Yoshimura, Danny Use of Gingko Bonsai in Belgium and Masahiko Kimura — superstars in the bonsai world. More recently Mr. Fields has been traveling to Japan to visit and study bonsai nurseries and working with Bjorn Bjorholm, an artist certified by the Japanese Bonsai Association. “What you can learn over there compared to here is incredible. It was seven days a week, no days off, eight to nine hours each day of hardcore bonsai,” Fields said. Mr. Fields is well regarded artist having several tree displayed at the US Nationals and winner at Midwest Bonsai Society Professional. Mr. Fields is also a strong believer of giving back to the bonsai community where he has served as President of the Indianapolis Bonsai Club, is current Secretary for the Mid-America Bonsai Alliance and currently a Directory for the American Bonsai Society.

His very busy schedule brings him to Milwaukee every now and then for study groups and as a guest artist for workshops and demonstations.