Guest Artist

Austin Heitzman

Artist Austin Heitzman crafts timeless furniture that allows wood’s natural beauty to speak for itself. Many influences converged to make that happen —from nature walks as a child to growing up in Southeast Asia where he was first exposed to the art of bonsai. It is through bonsai that he explores the connection between nature and art. A great stand elevates any bonsai to a higher level and he is proud to have crafted stands for many award-winning trees. Bonsai taught Mr. Heitzman to utilize a board’s individual characteristics, especially defects, to suggest something greater than the material itself. Furniture & Bonsai Displays Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon In 2018 Mr. Heitzman presented his approach to bonsai display using masculine/feminie, ornamentation, balance vs. movement and American woods suitable for bonsai display.