Guest Artist

Jim Doyle

Artist, teacher, horticulturist, dancer, poet, tree-collector---Jim wears many hats, but mostly he is interested in a life filled with plants and art in all of its forms. In 1973, with a B.S. degree in horticulture from Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, Jim Doyle started Nature`s Way Nursery and developed an early interest in Asian culture and plants. By 1980, through the influence of Chase Rosade, bonsai passed from being a hobby to a business/life-style. Jim Doyle has been acquainted with bonsai since 1973 and actively involved with all aspects of bonsai on a daily basis since 1984. He is the founder and owner of Nature’s Way Nursery, in Harrisburg, PA, which offers classes, tools, material and books. He travels extensively to lecture and demonstrate on bonsai and Japanese garden design. He is committed to seeing bonsai elevated from hobby status to the art form that it is. Jim is a founder of the Susquehanna bonsai and believes that the best trees come from naturally- aged, collected material. He continues learning by teaching and observing bonsai all over the world. Jim attends many symposia, teaches year round to both adults and children at his studio and travels extensively. Today, along with his teaching, Jim continues to import bonsai, pots, tools and related garden items. Jim`s favorite tree is, of course, the one he is working on.

He was our presenter and workshop artist July of 2007, is a frequent visitor to our area and can be found every year at the Chicago Shows.