General Meeting

April 6 9:00AM

at Boerner Botanical Garden

From MBS President

Everyone has their unique taste and aesthetic sense, and what looks great to me might be seen by someone else as totally wrong, but that’s okay. It’s my tree.

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April 6, 2024

General Meeting - 9:00 AM at Boerner
FOCUS: Curved Chisel Use with Steve C.
MAIN: Forest Creation using Dawn Redwoods with Steve C.
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Every one is welcome!

April 6, 2024

MBS annual Burning Bush Yamadori Dig
Bring you digging tools for this afternoon dig See the newsletter for more information.

April 20, 2024

Make-and-Take Workshop - 9:00 AM at Boerner
Create a Larch Forest/Group Planting with Ben H
Leave with your own stunning group planting / bonsai forest using larch saplings. MBS members can sign-up Online

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2024 Skills 101 Class

This educational offering is directed to the novice bonsai hobbyist who would like to grow in their bonsai understanding, skills and practice. It will include 6 days of classes spread out over the bonsai season from late winter through late autumn, during the months when appropriate work can be performed safely. The class will be structured as a lecture/demonstration style class. The earlier part of the day will be spent discussing pertinent topics related to the scope of work that is appropriate for the season at hand. The balance of the time will be spent discussing trees. $380
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We are very lucky to have many distinguish bonsai enthusiast in our club. We have just a wealth of knowledge available at meetings, workshops, and just generally available to us. Jack Douthitt, Steve Carini, Ron Fortmann, Pam Woythal are just a few names of the members with a boatload of experience. We also have a new generation of bonsai enthusiast like Brian Susler, Keven Stoeveken and Scott D. We are looking forward to increasing our Club membership this year. What this means is that you are more likely to mingle with bonsai enthusiast, to make new friends, and to enjoy the glorious activities we have planned. So don’t delay…. Renew today.
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LSG Volunteer MBS members wishing to volunteer at the bonsai exhibit at Lynden Sculpture Garden (LSG) for the 2024 season are asked to contact Michelle Z

Milwaukee Bonsai is supported by volunteers who donate their time to advance our art form. If you are eager to share your time and talent with us, please let us know.

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